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"An unusual and wonderful CD ... that crosses the genre barriers." --Journal of the Guitar Society of Western Australia

"...lovely, catchy, often transcendent arrangements: they smartly balance gospel sentiment and the jazz impulse to refresh (and sometimes entirely remake) these familiar spirituals..." --Neil Tesser, The Examiner

"Come Sunday balances the deft touch of jazz and blues with some traditional church singing.... The most interesting and moving pieces are the ones that take the traditional gospel approach and uplift it with guitarist Mike Allemana's novel jazz arrangements.... Crosscurrents is as much about reinterpretation as it is emulation.... Worthy of a close listen." --Down Beat

"Three instrumentalists and four vocalists comprise Come Sunday, named for a Duke Ellington tune that was part of his 1958 Black, Brown and Beige album with Mahalia Jackson. The group's debut includes a stirring rendition of the song, which fits nicely into Allemana's marriage of jazz and gospel." --Vintage Guitar Magazine

"American Roots music can be divided into four broad genres: blues, jazz, country and gospel. A Venn diagram of the relationship of these four would reveal an area of intersection of all these musical elements. It is in this area that the jazz-gospel group Come Sunday achieves the durable yet delicate goal of divining these spirits in equal measure."

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Come Sunday has played at:
Chicago Jazz Fest, The Green Mill, Old Town School of Folk Music, Elastic, The Abbey, Davenport's, Folk and Roots Fest, No Exit...

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