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The title of our album, "Crosscurrents," refers to the reoccurring water themes in the tunes, as well as the spark that comes when ideas, people, and themes come together in sweet synchronicity. The concepts of the worshiper "catching the Spirit" and the blood, sweat and tears of the pure craftsman are merged here and illuminate the integrity of each approach to music, giving rise to something that is both familiar and wonderfully strange. By melding these 13 gospel and pop songs with Mike Allemana's jazz arrangements, and though the coming together of 7 performers with very different musical backgrounds, we have seen new possibilities blossom in ourselves -- and in our musical vocabularies. We hope this fills you with as much joy in the listening as we experienced in the making of it, and that it opens your heart to the beauty of creating art in your own lives in ways you didn't expect.

Crosscurrents is available at CD Baby, iTunes, and eMusic.

Mike and Guitar