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In 1943 Duke Ellington composed and performed at Carnegie Hall the Black, Brown, and Beige Suite, which married the story of the African American experience with the jazz form and with the gospel music tradition. Recorded in 1958 along with the soulful vocalist and gospel giant Mahalia Jackson, this brave fusion of history, sound, culture, and passion created a window for future artists and served as a great inspiration for Come Sunday. This amazing septet is formed by some of Chicago's most versatile musicians from a cross section of genres. Their overall sound is dynamic, highlighted by each member's willingness to be one voice inside a powerful groove. Mike Allemana's arrangements create a new vibe that draws on the past collaboration by Ellington and Jackson (hence the nod to "Come Sunday") but spices it up with a vibrant wall of sound.

Each player brings a personal spin to the mix, creating a sonic quality that is new to the gospel-jazz form. The progressive and irrepressible Lenny Marsh on drums sets a rock tinged back beat. The veteran Al Ehrich's bass lines are cool and smoky, making every note count. Mike Allemana, guitarist for sax legend Von Freman and in 2008 voted best jazz soloist in Chicago (Chicago Reader), weaves melody and improv lines throughout each tune with his signature jazz guitar. The vocalists come from a rich musical history as well. Sue Demel, known for her work as folk singer-songwriter in the band Sons of the Never Wrong, weaves her inspiring sound through the mix, adding soothing tones as well as breathtaking punches of vocal energy. Lindsay Weinberg, a much sought after singer and teacher, adds her golden-throated, remarkably intuitive, jazz flecked alto stylings. Alton Smith lends his extraordinary range, brilliant musicianship and stirring improvisations to each number. Bill Brickey, well versed in gospel and rock, lends a downright remarkable "other-worldliness" to the sound, bringing audience members to their feet with his interpretations.

There is a definite buzz buzzing around the windy city for this exciting ensemble. In 2009 Come Sunday was invited to perform at the Chicago Jazz Festival. In 2014 the band took at two-week tour through Colombia, sharing music, teaching workshops, and being inspired by the amazing power of music to make connections across cultures. Come see the band perform and explore a historic musical tradition turned upside down. The show is full of tight harmonies, crazy musical grooves, heartbreaking hymns, and an improvisational call and response surprise around every corner.